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S3:E85| It's like I'm on an episode of PUNK'D.

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Big Daddy Ruffneck and me, I...we have a great talk about many things on this episode. It seems chemotherapy is wearing him out and he's decided to just pick on me...Lots of fun.


It's an episode you don't want to miss so hold on to something tight because we will be bouncing of all the damn guardrails, so...

Let's get to it...!!!

Thank All Y'all... We Love Y'all...!!! 

Stay Safe, Stay Vigilant, Be Savage...

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The GARY BRUGMAN Podcast is available on several platforms including Radio Republic, Breaker, Pocket Cast, Outcast, Spotify, Google and Apple Podcast, iHeart Radio, Heroes Media Group, My website and now on YouTube!!! YES, we are on YouTube!!! If you get a kick out of listening to us...just wait until you see us!!! I promise you're going to love it.


Please specifically go to Apple Podcast and leave us a 5 Star Rating and a short review at least once. We would appreciate if y'all did it after every episode but do it at least once.  It helps us move up in the ratings. Also, if you want to donate to the podcast please email me for PayPal info. I want to boost this podcast but it's very difficult without the help of each and every one of y'all. Stay Vigilant. God Bless.

Don't forget to use the #garybrugman and #garybrugmanpodcast wherever you can as I'm still trying to get the attention of President Donald J. Trump so I can thank him for my pardon. 

God, Texas & Honor First...


It takes Honor First, Honor Always. 

I've been out of the game for a long time, but I was also IN the game for a long time...and when I say I was in it,

It was all I ever knew. 



   The Show

Born in the Bushwick section of Brooklyn, New York City. I was raised in the Concrete Jungle during the 1960's-1990's and saw many things from the old single bubble green/black NYPD Plymouth Fury's, the 1977 NYC Blackout, Street Gangs and Union brawls. II enlisted in the U.S. Coast Guard at age 22 and served over 8 years. The U.S. Border Patrol was my next career choice which in 1998 landed me in Eagle Pass, Texas. I haven't left the Great State of Texas since.

In 2001 while serving my Country as a Border Patrol Agent, I chased a group of 15 illegal aliens and subsequently pushed one of them from the squatting to the sitting position using my foot. He was noncompliant and I thought he was about to either attempt to escape or attack the trainee agent. For that I was charged, tried, convicted in Federal Court and incarcerated for 2 years for violating his civil rights.

I have lived with this for almost 20 years. In June, 2018 my Attorney, Lt. Col. Jeffery Addicott, Professor of Law at St. Mary's University and Director of the Warrior Defense Project filed my Pardon Petition. It is my mission to get the attention of my President Donald J. Trump to my Pardon.
I'm not a celebrity, not a Kardashian so I can't just call him. But I'm a Disabled American Veteran and I know he will do the right thing and grant my pardon if he is made aware of it.


On 12/23/2020, The 45th President of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump, did grant me a FULL and UNCONDITIONAL Pardon. Thank you, President Trump.

This Podcast is my voice to America. To you, my fellow Americans, to whom I swore an Oath to...TWICE.

An Oath that never expires. God Bless America.


The Pod-CAST



Executive Producer & Host


BigDaddy Ruffneck

Voice and Co-Host



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